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Lisia Ross, President                  Kerri Munch, Vice President               Stacey Clark, Treasurer              Lisa Leitzke, Secretary

Lisa Kozak, Resale Treasurer               Lischele Knight, Membership            Daniella Benson, Membership

Sandra Donahue, Parliamentarian               Christi Dicker, Advisor  
FSMOM Leadership
First State Mothers Of Multiples (FSMOM) is an organization comprised of Parents and Guardians of Multiples.  Founded in 1969, our
Mission is to provide encouragement, advice, information and support to our members. We are a non-profit organization associated with
the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club(NOMOTC) and the Pennsylvania Organization of Mothers of Twins Club(POMOTC).
There are currently over 200 members who reside in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey area.
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